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Atlanta Air Cooled
Air Cooled Auto Repair

Tune Ups, Brakes, and just about anything air-cooled VW related is doable by our professional air cooled specialist.  Brad has been working on air cooled VW's for decades, and that's all he does--  air cooled VW's.  So if you are having problems with how your air cooled Volkswagen is running, set an appointment, and we'd be happy to take a look at your car.  We repair:  Beetles, Karmann Ghias, Microbus', and most other classic VW's.

Finding a trusted mechanic who knows VW's in the Atlanta area can be difficult.  We're located in Gainesville, and can be conveniently reached from most places in the Atlanta Metro area.

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Air-Cooled Atlanta Auto Repair is not affiliated in any way with Volkswagen of America, or any other Volkswagen entity. The use of the VW or Volkswagen lettering on this website is not intended to infringe any copyright, and is used for descriptive purposes only, so that vehicles may be properly identified.  The owners of th is website intend no harm to VW and are greatful for the fantastic cars they've built over the past 80 years.

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