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Atlanta Air Cooled
Frequently asked questions

  • Why do you only take cars by appointment only?
    Our services are top notch, and each client is given the individual attention they need. Also, because parts are no longer able to be purchased "off the shelf" at auto parts stores, many repairs require preparation on our part, ordering the right repair parts for your air-cooled VW Beetle, Karman Ghia, Thing, Microbus, or Samba here in Atlanta. Some parts are no longer available as well, and we may have to search our contacts to see if we can come up with something that is no longer in production. This takes time, so we have found it best to set appointments so we can properly assess your needs and complete the job in a timely fashion.  back to top

  • What kind of parts do you repair with?
    When possible, we try to use genuine/OEM German parts. We prefer, especially for the body elements, etc., to use original parts that have been reconditioned as their quality is much higher than their Mexican or Brasilian counterparts, even when new. Whatever parts you need, we'll find the best parts available and can give you options on costs so that you know what you're getting and what you're spending.  back to top

  • Do you only repair Air Cooled Volkswagens here in the Atlanta Area?
    To give a one word answer... YES. That is our specialty. What you are getting is a repair center that specializes only in Air Cooled VW Repair. We fix and restore nothing else.  back to top

  • Do you restore air cooled VW's too?
    Yes we do. Currently we're working on a '52 Beetle restoration. We take on a limited number of these projects yearly, as we want them to be original quality when complete. If you are interested in this service, you will need to schedule this with us. Good restorations cannot be rushed.  back to top

  • Do you rebuild VW Motors?
    We do not rebuild them in-house, under normal circumstances, however we have relationships with high quality rebuilding facilities locally which can give you the motor you need.   back to top

  • Do you install other than stock Volkswagen motors?
    YES! We love to see a little buggy speeding down the road when possible. Giving you the extra "umph" you need on the highway is something we love to do.  back to top

  • Do you stock parts?
    Actually, we do. We always have some parts cars around, particularly Beetles, and we have many original parts that could easily be re-used for a restoration or a daily driver.  back to top

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